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Swadeshi Mandir 61, Wallajah Road, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600002. (Opp. D1 Triplicane Police Station)
Open from Mon-Sat
10:30 AM - 7:30 PM Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

Vande Mataram, Namaste.

For more than a decade Swadeshi Mandir has been promoting Good Quality Products, Jaivik (Organic) Food Grains, Pure Cooking Essentials, Herbal Supplements, Healthy Snacks, Natural Cosmetics etc. and Treating Patients using Indian Traditional Food Supplements, Readopting our Ancient Cultural and Traditional Lifestyle of Healthy Living, Panchagavya, Ayurved and Siddha. After all, we live by the principles of: Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food. Swadeshi Mandir is not just any other organic store. We work towards supporting and helping 1000+ farmers, goushalas, small scale enterprises, co-operative societies, etc. all across Bharat. We are pushing thousands of our customers towards our vegetarian, cruelty-free, no animal tested, chemical-free daily groceries like tooth powders, body, hair wash powders. Thereby ensuring we do not add up to the already piling waste/chemical waste dumping in landfills/water bodies and reducing our carbon footprint by promoting the use of eco-friendly items. Thus, hitting our multiple targets: Swadeshi, Self-Sustainability, Agricultural Sustainability and Ecological Balance with a single stone! Ensuring that we live up to our Motto: ‘Giving Bharat Back To Indians’. We have finished a big part of our responsibility and duty of sourcing good quality, Swadeshi products from all across Bharat. It is now your duty to start using these products, sharing and promoting them with EVERYONE. You can WhatsApp us on (+919710112341). We are located in the heart of Chennai and thus are one of the largest and oldest Swadeshi stores spanning over 3000 sq.ft., adding 2 more floors soon.

A Few of Our Exclusive Products!

All of our products are made as natural as possible with the safest ingredients
1. Rock Salt, Rock Salt Lamps, 2. Copper, Iron, and Black Mud Vessels for Cooking & Water, 3. Cooking Essentials: 100% Hand-Churned Ghee, Turmeric, Asafoetida, Desi Unpolished Sugar Varieties, Unpolished Khand Misri, Unrefined Jaggery, 4. Snacks: Amla Laddu, Amla Chatpata, Amla Candy, Rose Gulkand, Sherbets etc. and many many more. These are a few of our Eco-friendly Products: 1. Cotton, Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads, 2. Wooden Toothbrush, Combs, 3. Disposable Sugarcane Bagasse Plates, Cups, Spoons, 4. Chemical-free Groceries like Toothpaste, Toothpowders, Multani Mitti, Soaps, Bath Powders, and Bath Salts, 5. Chemical-Free Vessel Wash Powder, 6. Holi colors, 7. Hand-made Kajal (safe for infants and adults). We are really proud of our work towards the safety, protection, promotion of the lives, and value of the Bharatiya Traditional Desi (Indigenous) Breed of Cows. This ensures Farmers and Goushalas (Cow-Shelters) get self-sufficient without the sale of Cow Milk! One of our favorites and prime attractions being Cow Dung Paper Diaries, Journals, Gift Boxes, Fridge Magnets, Pencils, etc. Naatu Pasu (Desi Indian Traditional Cow's) Panchagavya Items like: 1. Cow Dung Paper Stationery 2. Ghee - 100% Vedic and Hand-Churned (made from Butter that is removed from Buttermilk), 3. Goumutra 4. Panchagavya, 5. Cow Dung Varatti (dry pieces for pooja/havan), 6. Cow Dung Manure, Pest Repellant and Plant Growth Enhancers, 7. Phenyl mixed with Goumutra, & 8. Panchagavya Cosmetics - Soaps, shampoo, face pack, etc. 9. Chemical-Free Vessel Wash Powder 10. Mosquito Coil - free from harmful chemicals. We believe everything you put onto your body matters. Each one of our products is made with skin-loving ingredients perfect for all skin types. From skin to hair to personal care, we make natural and cruelty-free products to nourish your body and keep you looking great.